About Us

Westport Early Learning Centre provides excellence in care and education for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old.

We have a commitment to employing trained and registered Early Childhood teachers. We believe quality staffing is the key to quality programmes.

Amy Kent is our Senior Education Manager, supported by Katie Bonisch our Curriculum Leader, and Karen Skewes curriculum leader for the under 2's. Designated teachers work with 2 different age groups, which are: 

Koru (Under 2 / Infants and Toddlers)

Kowhai (2-5 year olds)

Excellent teacher/child ratios ensure the highest level of care and education for your child. The Ministry of Education set minimum ratios of 1 teacher to 5 children in the nursery area (under 2’s) and 1 teacher to 9 children in the over two’s. We offer minimum ratios of 1 teacher to 3 in the nursery and 1 teacher to 6 in the over two’s. These are our minimum requirements and we often achieve ratio’s even better than this.

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