What To Bring

  1. A named bag or back pack to hold all belongings.

  2. For babies/toddlers in nappies please supply enough for their needs. Disposable nappies are preferred. We have some on hand at the Centre for emergencies and ask that you replace these if used.

  3. At least two complete changes of clothes and plenty of underpants for children who are being toilet trained. Please name all clothing and belongings, and provide a waterproof bag for wet clothing.

  4. Please send your child in suitable play clothes which are able to get dirty.

  5. Please send your child with outdoor footwear as these will be required if we go for a walk or visit.

  6. Gumboots, jackets, hats for outside play if weather conditions require them. The centre has a ‘Sun Safe Policy’ a copy of which is included in your enrolment pack.

  7. If your child has a favourite blanket or snugly let them bring it with them while they need it and especially while they are settling in.

  8. We have some spare clothing on hand for emergencies and ask that you return it promptly to the Centre if it is used for your child.

What not to bring – please try to avoid having your child bring toys from home as they often get mislaid.

There are plenty of toys at the Centre.